Saturday, October 30, 2010

Review: The Face Shop Ice Flower Hydra Essential Toner

Photo credit: The Face Shop

Description (found on back of bottle): Formulated with Masterwort extract, rock crystals and Alpine glacial water, this moisturizing essential toner hydrates dry to normal skin for a smoother complexion. Additions of revitalizing Baobab Tree extract enhance moisture retention for healthier skin.

Amount: 130 mL / 4.39 fl. oz.

Price: I bought this on sale for around 600 pesos, I think. It was around 10% off, so it's safe to say this bottle would have regularly cost around 700, 750 pesos at the most.

Packaging: Elegant frosted glass bottle with ice-blue plastic cap. At the mouth of the bottle there is a plastic cap with a small hole for dispensing the product.

Prior to purchasing this toner, I thought the only purpose of toners was to more thoroughly clean the face after cleansing. The toners I used before this certainly did that and so I did not expect anything less with this one. I felt that this didn't grab dirt effectively so I was a bit disappointed--after all, I could have gotten six bottles of my old toners with what I paid for this, haha. It was only when I was surfing through beauty blogs that I got wind of the issues surrounding toners, their functions and their application. Yes for enlightenment! The TFS Ice Flower toner in fact delivers what it should: hydration for the skin. Considering how it was meant for people with dry to normal skin, it's not supposed to take away anything, but to give. (I'm starting to sound like I'm talking more than just skincare here...) I use a cotton round to apply. My face and neck feel refreshed after using this, and my cheeks feel supple, as though they were able to retain enough water to do so. The Ice Flower's ingredients promise no less, and sound wonderful to have on the skin since they're all natural, made from plant extracts and Alpine glacial water and all. Reading the description makes you think of clear blue skies, crisp fresh air, and the cleanest water on earth. Plus it smells sooo good! It's a flower scent that best accompanies visions of what I just described, hehe. You can smell a bit of alcohol in it, however.

My only issues are (still) the dirt-grabbing ability and the packaging. I like my toners to look and feel like they're taking off the muck on my face that I couldn't remove with double-cleansing, so it's a personal preference. For this toner, I compensate by using a stronger facial wash. As for the packaging, while it's pretty to look and hold, it's not travel-friendly. I decant the toner into a smaller container I bought from Beabi for travelling. The small opening at the mouth of the bottle also dispenses less product than I'd like, though ever since I poked it out for decanting (and put it back), it's been better. I don't know how that helped, I just know that it did. Oh, well.

In summary:

  • Very hydrating, skin feels supple after use
  • Smells really good
  • Doesn't clean very well
  • Packaging is not travel-friendly
  • Dispensing hole may not work very well
I'd recommend this toner to people who need some hydration for their dry or normal skin. This is a treat to use during the summer because of the cool feel on the skin, but also good for use in colder months due to how it promotes water retention. I might repurchase as a fallback, but as of now I'm still exploring the good ol' world of toners. Who'd have thought these buggers were so hard to use up? :)