Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Office-Appropriate Nail Polish

An obsession with pretty nails has plagued me the past month or so. The string of jobhunting activities required a little more put-together look, and a quick rifle through my cabinet revealed only a couple of work-appropriate shades. That is how, in the span of a month, I have managed to amass these:

IMG_4921 copy
Ok so the last one is a bit of a cheat in terms of work-appropriateness, but it was still fun to try! Let me explain that after the jump, mm?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Mary Kay Bella Belara, and a giveaway!

Scent is a powerful factor for me. I get attracted to beauty products that smell nice, and conversely I get the heebie-jeebies with an unusual or overpowering scent. My most recent turn-off was an herbal body wash with actual herbs inside. Nice gimmick, but scent-wise, no thanks!
IMG_4890 copy
Scent is powerful for me because they evoke memories, whether they're good or bad or sad. I'm not sure who else thinks the same way, but if they do, I want to make a good and lasting impression on the people around me. Even if it's just by way of the nose! I was able to try Bella Belara Eau de Parfum for the past week, thanks to the kind folks from Mary Kay. Good impressions definitely abound!
IMG_4891 copy
Bella Belara is a fruity floral perfume. Its top notes, the first whiffs you get upon spraying, are apricot and red nectarine. Middle notes of rose and Moroccan jasmine form the heart of the perfume, and sit over the base notes of blonde woods and cool moss. Altogether they form a scent that is both pleasant and intoxicating, but still pretty light. It's a great perfume for daytime and requires minimal fuss--one or two sprays and you're out the door.
IMG_4887 copy
Aaand if you're a packaging nut, Bella Belara is housed in a sexy glass bottle with a gradient design. My favorite part is actually the cap, because it looks like a little top hat. This Bella is owl-approved for purchase!
IMG_4892 copy IMG_4893 copy

Bella Belara is Php2,300 and may be sourced through your friendly Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. You can get one for free, though, by just answering this question:


2.     Answer the question on the poster (Which do you prefer: Perfume, Cologne or Body Spray?) by commenting on this blog entry. 

3.     POST a comment (one comment only!) below stating your name (first name will do) and birth year on your comment.  Please include a link to your Facebook so we can verify that you complied with step. Example:
I love cologne!
Angelica, November 1986
4.     The winners will be chosen randomly.

5.     Contest runs from August 13-27, 2011. The entries will be verified from August 27-30. The winner will be announced on AUGUST 31 on this blog as well as on Mary Kay Philippines’ AUGUST IN BLOOM tab on Facebook. :)

6.     Entrants must be at least 18 years old to qualify.

7.     Contest is for Philippine based fans only.

8.     For entries to qualify, they must follow all the mechanics stated above. Any entrant who skipped a step will be disqualified during the judging period.

Eeeee my first giveaway! I'm really excited. :D Good luck y'all! And thank you Mary Kay Philippines for this opportunity. :)