Sunday, June 03, 2012

Review: Marks & Spencer China Blue

I rarely repurchase products based mainly on scent. There's just so much out there to try and it's hard to stay loyal. On my 18th birthday, however (man that was so long ago), I received two bottles of those exquisitely scented Marks & Spencer body lotions--typical gifts, right? One I gave to my mom, and the other... well, let's just say that bottle has long since been emptied and its twins and sisters are now residing in my stash.

From L-R: Hand and body lotion, talcum powder, hand and nail cream

Thursday, April 26, 2012

From the Owldrobe: Ylla Shoes

Yes, another shoe review! I may love shoes, but almost all of my shoe purchases are done in-store. Sizing is a big issue for me when looking at shoes online, because if it doesn't fit, it'll be a huge hassle to have it replaced. Unless I love it enough... like the love I felt for the Laura ballerina flats in aqua, from Ylla Shoes.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Review: Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid

One of my favorite brands to check out at Watsons stores is Pure Beauty, which is exclusively available there. I was able to try their Super Brightening toner awhile back, and I'm actually wondering now why I didn't repurchase! Every now and then Watsons holds promos for the brand, and I jumped at the chance to try out the Pure Beauty Cleansing Liquid when it was its turn to have a price break. Originally available for Php289, I was able to purchase it for Php239.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

From the Owldrobe: Anthology Shoes

I think this blog might have started out as a shoe blog if I didn't like makeup so much, because I have a bigger love affair with shoes than I care to admit! Today's entry on Anthology shoes is a bit of a backlog, since I already mentioned them before in my best of 2011 post but never really got around to writing sole-ly about them. ;)

The Antho website, recently revamped,
but still with that minimalist style to maintain the focus on the shoes