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Kari is 20-something, but tends to look much younger than she really is. Her (very) petite frame and round cheeks contribute to this. She wears glasses, hence the owl theme, and battles psoriasis on a daily basis. This leads her to try and find makeup and skincare products that are more natural and/or hypoallergenic, but is often lured by intoxicating scents and pretty packaging. She believes she is an NC30-35, and hopes she is not mistaken.

Kari has been blogging since the year 2000. While she loves free stuff like any normal person, she does reviews with all honesty and discloses whether products have been gifted or bought, or if there has been an affiliation of any kind. She also believes in giving credit where credit is due; therefore, she keeps a Creative Commons license on display and posts her sources wherever possible.

Aside from the topics covered in this blog, Kari loves to take pictures, sing, read, and write. She cannot live without a planner. Her alter-ego self keeps a full-time job with a Philippine fashion retail company. You can reach her via email for inquiries, product promotions, or simply to say hello.

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