Sunday, December 05, 2010

Review: The Body Shop All-In-One Face Base

Description: This combined foundation and powder gives a velvety, matte base. Use this product dry for a light matte finish or wet for higher coverage. Includes sponge and detachable mirror. Dermatologically tested.

Amount & Price: 1,295 pesos for 9 g / 0.3 oz. TBS regularly has sales though, sometimes they give 40% off on this product. Or you can go for the "buy 1 at regular price, get 50% off on your next" promo which is still good value depending on what you buy.

Packaging: Plastic case in silver (lid) and TBS' signature green color (everything else). The silver lid is scratch & fingerprint heaven and isn't as easy to wipe off as a glass surface, I think. When you open the case the first thing you see is the sponge compartment, and right underneath it is a decently-sized mirror. The "detachable" part in the mirror description means that you can flip the mirror up, not completely remove it as I thought when I read it, haha. The product is found in the bottom compartment. The case overall is a bit bulky but it's still a nice size for my small hands. Ingredients may be found by peeling off a sticker underneath the compact.

I remember buying this on my birthday, when it came in a gift pack of sorts with a blush. Coverage is medium when applied dry, which I found to be enough for me. I never tried it wet, because I would usually try to use up my BB cream and top it with this when I wanted fuller coverage. I don't need much oil control but this provided for that as well; I only had to blot once during a workday. The velvety matte finish is something I particularly liked, and I never realized how much I liked this product until I started using other powders. Now I'm anxiously waiting for another 40%-off promo so I can stock up! Used everyday, this powder will probably last you anywhere between 6-9 months. There are 6 shades to choose from but they all lean on the fair-medium side, so morenas might have to look for another alternative. I have this in shade 05 and I was matched as NC20-25 (!! will have to reaffirm this) on my only visit so far to a MAC counter. Speaking of MAC, I think this Face Base is TBS' answer to MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus foundation, which I've personally never tried. If you've tried that, this just might work for you too, and it's a bit cheaper as well. I will definitely repurchase as I really like this, and I'm glad there's a powder foundation I can come back to if my other purchases don't work out.



  2. Hahaha. Hi friend, I love you! Thanks for stopping by :)) <3

  3. Hi! I came to your blog when I was searching through product prizes. I love Body Shop and I'm looking for prices of their products. If you happen to have some more of these beauty loots, can you post it here and also give a price of how much you bought them? I am always on the lookout for sales and Internet bargains so that I can save a little - we sure both know BS is a bit pricey. I would really appreciate it if you will reply to this comment. Check out my page too, but I'm a book lover. haha! =)


  4. Hi Fria! Hope you get to see this. I don't really post haul posts, but you're welcome to ask the price of anything you'll see on this blog and I'll do my best to help you :) TBS doesn't post prices on their website, sayang. But you can like their Facebook page for updates, they're very active there! Plus it's their 15-year anniversary so they have a sale every weekend. Bargains to be had! Also if you're not an LYB member yet they have a promo about it right now. It's pretty useful since LYB members often get more discounts :)

    Here's the link:

    Hope this helps! :)

  5. Also, good luck with your blog! It's refreshing to see one focused on classic literature for a change. :)

  6. Hi Fria! I'll be sure to post prices of the TBS stuff I'm able to buy--in fact, my next post will be about something I got from TBS. They're on sale right now, though, so there are bargains to be had! :) Good luck on your blog, it certainly is interesting and refreshing to read :)


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