Thursday, April 05, 2012

From the Owldrobe: Anthology Shoes

I think this blog might have started out as a shoe blog if I didn't like makeup so much, because I have a bigger love affair with shoes than I care to admit! Today's entry on Anthology shoes is a bit of a backlog, since I already mentioned them before in my best of 2011 post but never really got around to writing sole-ly about them. ;)

The Antho website, recently revamped,
but still with that minimalist style to maintain the focus on the shoes

Anthology, or Antho for short, was recommended to me by one of my good friends who happened to co-own the brand. Her family had apparently been in the shoemaking business for a few good years, and when we dropped by their factory some time last year, it was with pleasure that I found that they also produced shoes for brands that, since childhood, we've associated with having sturdy shoes for school or work. It's also why Antho shoes have such sturdy soles: it's an art they've practiced and honed to near-perfection over generations.

Each shoe is a labor of love.
Photo from their About page.

I think that's why inserting your feet into a pair of Anthos feels like heaven. It's well-made not just outside, but inside as well! They claim for their new releases to have a footbed that's as soft as marshmallows. I think I'd have to agree to that, after having worn my pairs from some time. 

These are the Quilted Noelles. I've been a longtime fan of how Anthology incorporated the quilted design into their shoes without it looking frumpy or baduy, and my first pairs were actually from that collection--and still alive today, though very much lived in! Of course, when the quilted Noelles came out, I had to have a pair. The revamped quilted design is a stroke of genius, IMHO.

Everything about this shoe screams quality. The insole makes for a very comfortable wear and holds up incredibly well. I've been wearing this for three months now and it's still pretty bouncy. The pretty tan leather and Anthology medallion add to the luxurious feel to the shoe. Sizing runs kind of big in the new releases, though, so you may want to try a size down in person to see if it'll feel more comfortable. I like how the design is versatile--I can wear it to work or out with friends for a subtle quirk to whatever I'd be wearing that day.

St. Barts, on the other hand, is THE flat for summer. The outside is made of canvass linen, so while it's smooth to the touch, it's a tough shoe. It's highly reminiscent of trips to the beach, and accordingly, it's available in both neutral and bright colors. I hemmed and hawed over the color choices and finally settled Sand for a more natural look. I still manage to wear this for work since the color doesn't pick outfits. My psoriatic nails are also very appreciative of the square toe, though this style is also available in the classic round style. This fits better than the quilted Noelles for some reason.

The downsides to Anthology shoes? Many would say the price. I'd have to agree, partly because it hurts to drop more than a few grand for a pair of shoes. Their most expensive pair goes for around 4k. Allow me, however, to tell you why I think a pair of Anthos is worth it:

  • Quality shoes. You can easily tell that the shoes are some of the best quality ones out there. They don't skimp on the materials used and have meticulous attention to detail. It's heaven for your feet, seriously.
  • Antho shoes are actually value for money. You get what you pay for. I've used and abused my first two pairs since 2010, and they're still decent. If you want to do a cost-per-wear computation, I figure it'd come close to pairs that are affordable but fall apart after a few months.
  • Good customer service. The brand maintains a good online presence and responds quickly to inquiries. They encourage you to text them, tweet them, email them, and they're available in brick-and-mortar stores too. (Oh, and free shipping if you order online!)
  • The shoes are locally made, and the brand is a homegrown brand. The materials are sourced from abroad, yes, but the labor that makes the actual shoe is crafted by Filipino hands. That in itself, I believe, is reason enough :)

Still not sure about paying that much for a pair? Anthology has had collaborations with discount sites such as, and they do go on sale, over here! It's worth a look see since I believe they recently updated it, and have some of their bestselling styles there for less. I'm eyeing the Barcelona loafers in beige, drool. And they're coming up with styles for men soon--exciting! I want to get the boy a pair. :D

Have you tried Anthology shoes? If not, what styles are you eyeing? Let me know in the comments!


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  2. i so love anthology shoes. they're so comfy. im eyeing st. barts ecru. gotta click the buy button. thanks for the review.


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