Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hoot-worthy finds of 2011!

Given that my small giveaway (click here!) asks your top makeup or skincare product, it's only proper that I show mine! 2011 was quite a year, and personally, it was a year where things finally started to pick up. I'm ending this on a happier note than I have the past two years. I'm excited for and not dreading 2012!

I'm ready for you, 2012!

So before the year ends, here are my best beauty and fashion-related finds for 2011 in no particular order. Consider these as mini-reviews as well!

OPI and China Glaze nail lacquers

2011 is the year I got re-obsessed with nail polish, thanks to OPI Dulce de Leche and and Pink of Hearts 2009. This year I took to hunting down certain shades from there and China Glaze. Beautiful colors, great formula. I just really need a better base coat.

Meet the family
Since my office-appropriate nail polish post, I was able to track down the last two shades I was looking for: OPI Mermaid's Tears and China Glaze For Audrey. The latter took me a longer time to find because it was sold out all the time online, and I chanced upon it at the CG display in PCX Rockwell at cheaper-than-online price! It was meant to be.

Steady As She Rose, Stranger Tides, and Mermaid's Tears
from the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

The elusive China Glaze For Audrey!

CG Pelican Grey and For Audrey.
Depending on the light For Audrey comes across as more green, but it's the closest to a Tiffany Blue in actual.

These will keep my fingers and toes happy all throughout 2012, methinks.

Anthology Shoes

IMG_2820 copy

I've known about Anthology Shoes for a long time since a friend of mine partly owns the brand, but yes, I was put off because of the price. I bought two pairs of quilted ballerinas in patent pewter and silver fabric (in photo) to try out. I practically lived in them all year! Most closed flats tend to squish or bend toes which is not good for my psoriasis, and Anthos have enough room to comfortably wear and walk in. I'm a believer and a happy Antho wearer, and am fervently wishing they don't stop producing size 4's for their shoe lines, or at the very least, still accept customized size orders.

The Body Shop Cheek Colour in 05

It doesn't look like much, but believe me, this stuff is gold

I think I can count the number of blushes I own on one hand. I seldom wear blush, because I find that I don't apply it evenly on either cheek, plus I'm heavy-handed. For those special occasions and events, however, I turn to this dusky rose blush that I got during The Body Shop's huge anniversary sale this year. Their line is sheer enough that I can apply it without scaring myself, but the color is very buildable as well. This is practically the only blush I turn to, and for a little less than Php800, I'm all set. I'm planning to break out its peachier sister during the coming summer months.

MAC lustre lipstick in Plumful

This shade is perfect for me. I apply it over lipbalm when I want a lovely semi-sheer layer of pinky plum goodness like in the photo, and without lipbalm when I mean business, which results in stronger pigmentation and longer staying power. I'm never without it, though I broke it recently! :( Googling "how to fix a broken lipstick" as we speak. Perhaps I will learn to use a lip brush due to my strong love for this shade.

My initial product shot. Sweaty lipstick :( I put it in the fridge after this.

A shoo-in... Urban Decay Naked palette

OK, this is a bit cheating because I've only the palette and it was released in 2010. But I'm including it because after more than a year of lemming for it, I finally got it as my first Christmas gift this year, from my tito (uncle) in the U.S.! Tons of reviews online will attest to the quality and value of the shadows in this palette, and once I've used mine I'm adding it to the mix. Just swatching the shadows was a dream; I love the buttery matte shades and the intensity of the shimmer/glitter ones.

What's your best find for 2011? You can share it here, or on this post for a chance to win a Moonleaf planner! Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Pretty pretty nail polish and lipstick!!
    Happy New Year! :)


  2. Anonymous4:00 AM


  3. beautiful lipstick on you! happy new year kari!

  4. @Mica thanks love! <3

    @inmidnights I can bring it with me if we meet so you can play with it!

    @Lady E thank you, dear! Happy New Year too!

  5. Now everyone will know about Plumful! haha! Thanks for introducing me to this shade, Kari :D

  6. Naked palette review & EOTDs pls! :)

  7. Anonymous4:01 PM

    You look too cute on that 'Naked' photo, haha! :) I listed a handful on my blog, but the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation takes the cake! I'm always excited to use it! :)

  8. @KIRA ♥ no problem! Glad to share the love :D

    @Stepford Witch review yes, EOTDs ummm we'll see! hindi ako magaling sa ganyan! :))

    @anartechoke thanks Ae! I read your entry! Koh Gen Do products look and perform sooo nice but the price is equally as nice :)) then again, foundation should probably be the one thing you spend your money on, makeup-wise!

  9. Anonymous10:26 PM

    try sally hansen's base coat on those opi nail colors:)

  10. @Anonymous hey there, thanks for the suggestion! will check it out, I've heard good things about Sally Hansen :)

  11. China Glaze! I have yet to try their nail polish. But the colors from their Hunger Games set makes me want to buy a couple of bottles :) Have you seen the wonderful colors yet?

    (I saw your blog on Ae's comments section and thought of visiting it. ^^)

  12. @clair hi clair, ako naman I saw your comments on Ae's blog haha! thanks for dropping by!

    I haven't seen the new collections yet and I'm afraid to, baka mapabili ako :))

  13. HI Kari!

    :) I saw the UD... have you tried purchasing this online? If you have ... Can I get a link?

    1. Hi Carla, no, I got this from my tito as stated in the entry e! Just look for a seller with good feedback :)


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