Monday, January 03, 2011

Review: Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge Lipstick

Happy New Year! :) Starting off with a review of one of my favorite lipsticks:

Look at all those pretty colors!

Description (from box): Makeup line promotes LED (Light Emitting Diode) color, radiance and clarity to makeup expression.

Price & Amount: P478 per 4.5 g / 0.15 oz.

Packaging (photos from Etude House Philippines):

The lipstick is housed in a flower-shaped plastic case with a bow design at the bottom. Underneath is a sticker with the shade number (and name, presumably, but it's all in Korean). Pretty but it feels cheap. The case is a bit bigger than a MAC lipstick.

Review: I have this in No. 10 Mocha Beige (English names can be seen here). There are 11 shades available, though the 11th was released only recently in the Golden Ratio collection. I used this image as a reference for picking shades:

The original 10 shades.

I liked No. 10 because it seemed to be the most natural and I didn't want an attention-grabbing shade. I found the guide to be near-true (see swatch below), because I did end up going away with No. 10 when I used the testers. Side story: I have this fear of using lipstick testers, but I was lucky enough to be the first to use the ones in Etude House's kiosk inside the SM Fairview department store. So I tested to my heart's content!

No. 10 Mocha Beige (on top). The bottom one is from MAC, which I'll review in another post!

No. 10 is indeed a brown-toned lipstick, but on my lips it leaves a hint of pink plus a little shine (the LED effect, I suppose!). It's very suitable for everyday wear, which was just what I was looking for in a lipstick. I did find this to settle in lines after awhile, so it's best to use a lip balm underneath. It's my SOP to use lip balm so this wasn't a problem for me. When reapplying it's best to take the entire thing off (say, after a meal) and slick on a fresh coat of balm + lipstick. It takes a little more time, which may be a turn-off for some. And the nice thing about MLBB lipsticks is that when it starts to fade, it's not as noticeable ;)

Will I repurchase? Yes! But I won't for now because there are so many more brands of lipstick to try out there. Also, I feel bad about purchasing so many MLBB shades for some reason. I almost bought NYX's B52 but it looked too close to the two everyday shades I already have (plus I felt it was overpriced for 299 pesos :c). Ironically, I'm also a bit scared to try brighter, bolder lipsticks. We'll see! It's a new year, after all. :) Any brands and shades of lipstick to recommend? Please share in the comments!


  1. I'm a big fan of Laura Mercier's sheer lip color in Tender Lips. I found it to be moisturizing and it had a somewhat chocolatey flavor. Check it out at Rustan's.

    Here's a tip I learned when testing out lipstick. Twist the tube til you can see the bottom. Ask for a cotton swab and use the stem to scrape off some product from that area. I think that should be standard practice here. I get grossed out myself using testers!

  2. There isn't a Rustan's near where I live, but thanks! Will check it out. I keep hearing good things about Laura Mercier :) Awesome tip too, thanks :D I agree, most stores don't even care if the testers look disgusting already :(

  3. Aww I wish we had an Etude House in the States -- all their make-up is so cute! I'm also interested in the cleansing oil in the previous post -- always look for a Shu Uemura dupe :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I am hosting an Urban Decay giveaway -- please check out my blog if you get a chance!

    <3 Kelly

  4. Hi Kelly! Etude House has an online store in the US! Try this: That'll save you the trouble of looking for (probably overpriced) products on ebay :D I've never tried Shu Uemura, I hope I can get a bottle to try one of these days.

    I'd love to join the giveaway, thanks so much for dropping by! :)

  5. Hi. I love your blog. I stumbled upon a blog in networked blogs and I happen to find yours as well. I used to be so in love with makeup and I have owned 69 lipsticks all at one time when I was 19! Now, I still love makeup although I'm not so feverish about it anymore. That is not to say I don't drool when the next Makeup base comes out or a new makeup brand comes to the local shores.

    I wanted to follow you but I do not have not google account.

    Hope you could check my blog some time and if you like, you could also click follow. Hope to see more of your posts. ;)

    My blog tackles practical fashion, travels and food reviews. ;)

  6. Hi Jenny, thanks for stopping by! Wow 69 lipsticks is a lot to own at 19, or any age, I think! But yeah I think if I really liked a shade I'd either use it everyday or not use it at all so I have it for as long as it'll keep :D

  7. Hi! Stumbled upon your blog googling about EH lipsticks! Great review! I think I'm getting one next time I visit EH.

    If you don't mind, can we exchange links? Thanks!



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