Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do you love your cleansing oil?

I asked, because I do! While cleansing oil is most popular in the double-cleansing method, where you use cleansing oil first and a facial wash second, I like to think of cleansing oil as the best of both worlds. It has the strong makeup-removing powers of oil and the ease with which you rinse off any cleanser you may use. It also helps me use less products when washing my face, which I try to do because of my dry skin. If my makeup isn't particularly stubborn or I'm just lazy, I add a half pump to my usual amount of cleansing oil, massage it in, emulsify, and rinse. I am done and ready to sleep.

Today the fangirl in me gushed over these babies that I saw in The Face Shop in SM The Block today:

All photos from Korea Depart

Aren't they gorgeous?? They remind me of the Shu Uemura cleansing oils which I have only been privileged to see in person once, haha. They all smell really nice, too! (Yes, even the prune variant.) The scent of the pink variant reminds me of baby powder. There is also an anti-aging variant but I didn't see this there:

They are all 200ml and priced at Php795 each. The Muji cleansing oils that I use are priced at Php625 (sensitive skin) and Php425 (normal skin, review here) for the same amount so I am finding the TFS ones a little pricey. However, they are still a lot cheaper than what I hear about Shu. I am very much happy with my Muji ones, though I wish TFS had travel sizes! I'd buy them in a heartbeat. I will most likely get these once I run out of the Muji ones since they're more accessible to me, but that's going to take awhile.

My cleansing oils. They work the same, the blue one is just thicker and doesn't have the smell I like in the red variant.

What do you think of cleansing oil? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. Such pretty bottles!

    I've never tried cleansing oil. :)

  2. That looks interesting, how much for each bottle?

    I haven't tried cleansing oils actually, hehe~

  3. Vintage Makeup, you should! They're really easy to use and take your makeup off really quick too :)

    Kitten, 795 from what I remember. You'd only need 1-2 pumps' worth of product to take your makeup off everyday so I think it's still a good deal :) Etude House also has a cleansing oil that's cheaper, but I haven't tried it. If you do try one I'd love to hear what you think :D

  4. I'm thinking of making a DIY one. :-/

    Also, I've heard awesome raves about the human heart nature cleansing oil.

  5. will check this out for sure, thanks~

  6. Michelle, wow DIY! If it works for you you'll save up on a lot :) good luck!

    Kitten, will wait for your entry! :)

  7. I love cleansing oils especially on days when I'm too lazy to remove my makeup!

  8. Lady E, agree! Minsan nakakatamad na talaga or you're just too tired. Cleansing oils are the best :)

    Also, I think I've seen you before. Did you have a stall in an Ateneo tiangge? o:

  9. Hi Kari, it's Eunice, Cai's friend. Found your link on her WP blog.

    I LOOOOVE CLEANSING OILS. I've used Shu, but I stuck with Muji. For maximum make-up removal, I apply it to dry face then wash it off. It's awesome. It doesn't dry my skin. :D

  10. Hi Eunice! Thanks for stopping by! :D

    How did you find the Shu cleansing oil? I've always wanted to try it but it's expensive plus I still have those two Muji ones to finish. I apply mine to a dry face too and no drying feeling afterwards either :D


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