Tuesday, March 29, 2011

From the Owldrobe: Commence(ment)!

It's wonderful how you can play with words, yes? This first (and hopefully not last) outfit/fashion post is from the day I attended my youngest brother's graduation, hence the title. He's off to college now and I can't believe it. They grow up so fast!

Our family went to the ceremonies in full force, but what do you wear to a graduation anyway, especially if you're a guest? I was bent on wearing a dress but then I changed my mind when I recalled how windy and cold it was during the baccalaureate mass that same morning.
Grey cape blouse: tiangge
Invisible pinstripe slacks: Landmark
Grape double bow "Grant" shoes: Debenhams

I found the blouse during a bazaar back in college and was struck by its uniqueness, and how cheap it was (Php200!) for the style. The generous-looking sleeves are actually part of a cape made in the same thick & comfy material as the bodice, offering an extra layer of warmth. Perfect for the weather.

Wind! Haha. Note the pretty pattern on the bodice.

The heels are my new favorites. The insole is padded (comfy!), they are extra cute, and are very much my style. Also they made me as tall as most of my highschool girlfriends, which rarely happens, I can tell you. My slacks were hiding their detail in the outfit post, so here they are:

What about makeup? I actually went low-key that day because of some "unwanted visitors". :) Apart from the usual powder + lipstick, I only used concealer, mascara, and gel eyeliner to help wake up my tired eyes. Lipstick is seriously the best weapon a makeup-wearing lady can have. It gives you a polished look even if you don't have anything else on.

Aaaand that's it for my first outfit post! Please do bear with me, my experience in these matters consist only of the many hours spent reading fashion-related posts on the Internets. ;P

P.S. I'm going to have to explain why I use "owl" a lot pretty soon, but the first picture should give you an idea. :)


  1. If that is so then you're one very lovely owl. There are only a few girls who I like wearing glasses and you certainly rock them!

    I love those shoes! I should check out the shoes when I go to Debenhams!

  2. LOOOOVE your shoes!! :)

  3. love how you put this outfit together. very classy! :)

  4. Thank you girls! :) The shoes helped a lot, didn't it? Haha

    Lady E, thank you! My grade is 200 for both eyes, so you will hardly ever see me without my glasses on. I've never tried contacts because my mom believes I'll sleep with them on :)

    Vintage Makeup, 200 pesos is around $4-5, I forgot to mention. Very cheap! :)

  5. You looked great! Nice polished look, definitely. And congratulations to your younger brother!

    I want your blouse but in another color :<

  6. Chrissy, thanks! This was a lucky find, not sure if you can find it anywhere else :(

  7. Kari! Love your outfit, you look so young and fresh...I'm envious LOL :)

  8. Kira, ano ka ba, you look very youthful yourself! ;)

  9. you look really pretty kari~

  10. Thank you Kitten! :)


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