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Off-Topic: Art Lives at 10a Alabama

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Mmm. I think I deserve a toink on the head for this entry, because apparently I've already edited the photos for it before--which is by far the hardest thing to do for a blog entry, I think. I forgot that I had done so and spent this week telling myself "mag-edit ka naaaaaaa!" Sigh. Toink my head please? :)

Now that I've remembered though, I can get to typing! Welcome to the Off-Topic series, where I will ramble on about any and all things, accompanied by the usual happy photos. The only requirement is that they are pretty, intriguing, whathaveyou. These are things not wholly related to fashion & beauty, but may interest you nonetheless. Today I feature 10a Alabama.

Picture from 10a Alabama

This post will be photo-heavy, kk? Click for more!
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If you thought that 10a Alabama is an address, well, it is. It's the address of an art gallery, only much more cozy and quirky (think your grandmother's home instead of a silent, echoing series of white corridors). You can't help but peek in every nook and cranny because there's always something to look at.

IMG_4552 copy
Resurrection furniture & found objects gallery is the mainstay here. They take old and/or broken furniture and refurbish them to make them useable. The result is usually something that cannot be reproduced since the materials used are never the same. For example, the chest of drawers above is made from an old CPU. I love how the drawer handles are mismatched.

IMG_4524 copy
Hausbesetzer tea laboratory is in one room of 10a Alabama. It's a place where you're really just meant to hang out with a cup of tea, snacks, or maybe even some Jägermeister & Goldschläger test tube shots. It looks much like a chemist's room with random bursts of art here and there. If you've ever been to or heard of Van Gogh is Bipolar, Hausbesetzer is its equally fascinating sister.
IMG_4533 copy 
IMG_4526 copy
Something a little more relevant for a beauty blog: moisturizers in Hausbesetzer! The label reads, "made from wild flowers all the way from Eastern Europe mixed with cinnamon oil extract". I wasn't able to smell this, but it sounds amazing, no?

IMG_4509 copy
Next to Hausbesetzer is a small room called RAW. It's a one-man gallery by Robert Alejandro, whose works may seem familiar because he's the artist behind many of the items in Papemelroti. The cutest thing I found was this "Multo sa Matchbox" (Ghost in a Matchbox).

Occasionally, 10a Alabama also becomes home to the work of other artists. I went to one such event last July, and I can say that it's the best time to drop by because there's so much to see. Most of the stuff isn't the kind that you can find in stores, and all of them are proudly handmade too! (Warning: photodump ahead!)
IMG_4580 copy
Necklaces by Nikki Abelardo of Junk Studio. I spy two muchachos!

IMG_4567 copy
I'm wondering why I didn't get one of these greeting cards by Artefact.
I am a huge fan of Nick Bantock, and these reminded me so much of his work.

IMG_4575 copy
Wondering why I didn't get one of these necklaces too. They're intricately done and I'm in love with the one on the right.

IMG_4563 copy
Handmade soaps by SoTrue Castile Soap

IMG_4591 copy
Picture frames

IMG_4570 copy
Papier-mâché lomo bags. You can also get just the lomos (slightly visible on the left)

IMG_4579 copy
This incredibly detailed piece is made from string on silkscreen. Seriously! 
This would make a really lovely gift.

I didn't go home empty-handed, of course. I am unable to resist art. :P I got a Junk Studio necklace, a pretty amber bottle, and some decorated clips from Artefact. Four of the clips have small magnets at the back, making it easier to clip notes and bills to your fridge.

Did I make you want to go yet? Because today and tomorrow is another art fair weekend! I believe there will be more artists around this time, so there will even be more new stuff on hand. Also, the Silly People's Improv Theater (SPIT) will be performing around 6 p.m. today--I was able to watch one of their shows back in college and I am telling you that they are a must-see. No show of theirs is the same because they improvise depending on suggestions from the crowd. Be prepared to laugh out loud. :) Bring an object or artwork to barter and they may possibly use it in the show.
If you're coming from Tomas Morato, turn right to E. Rodriguez and Alabama will be the next street on your right. Look for the white gate with the blue bird (second photo up top). Might drop by this afternoon, so hope to see you there! Do check their Facebook page for more details.


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  2. Kari, nice find! Gusto ko puntahan to. :) Everything looks gorgeous, and I'd like to get me some of the handmade soap!

  3. heeeey... this looks like a great place to go to! it's so not off-topic because of the accessories, skincare & bath products :p

    btw, i am a HUGE nick bantock fan as well. you have great taste LOL!

    "Foolish Man.... You do not dismiss a muse at whim."

  4. Losman, weh :p

    Ida, go go go! I wasn't able to go today, sayang, I also wanted to check out the soaps because they looked interesting. Also, I miss your posts! Hope you blog again, and soon :)

    Kookie, buti na lang semi-related haha. But I wanted to show all the other things you could find; there's a lot I wasn't able to put in this entry kasi sobra naman na yun for a blog post. We could go to the next if you like! :)

    Also, I LOOOOVE Nick Bantock. My mom got Griffin & Sabine from a garage sale for only 50 pesos, would you believe? That started it for me. And you just gave me an idea--Nick Bantock can be an off-topic post :D I'll start thinking of ways to photograph books!

  5. i'd love to go there sometime! sana my sched doesn't suck anymore haha!

    omg, what a deal! back in the 90s they didn't sell the entire series here so i had to ask my sister to buy it for me. have you read his other books? the artwork is excellent!

    yeah, that's a good idea for a post :)

  6. Sabihan kita when the next one rolls around :) I think it happens every other month but the sched varies depending on the success of each run.

    Imagine the shock when I went looking for the second book and it was close to 1k. My HS allowance died. :)) Yes it was the art that drew me in, but also the story (for G&S). Aside from the two trilogies, I have 7 other books of his. I'm tracking down his other works that aren't available here, through the grace of relatives coming from the US or through pre-orders. I am never ever letting these books go. :))

  7. love the necklaces ♥ wanna go here some time.

  8. Hi Kari! I'm Arlene, one half of Artefact :-). Thanks for supporting handmade and for including us in this article. There'll be another fair on Oct 22-23 at 10a Alabama--hope you can drop by. There are more collages here,, in case you're interested :D. Thanks again!

  9. @artefact Hi Arlene! Yay! I'll see if I can take some time out for it! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog :)

  10. Thanks for this, Kari! I'm the handmade soap gal :)

  11. @Mia Hi Mia! Edited my post to reflect your link :D Thank you for dropping by! I'll be sure to check out your products more when I can visit :)

  12. Another art fair this weekend! Patsy from


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