Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mini-Review: NYX Round Lipsticks in Fig and Georgia

Adding another review to the plethora of NYX round lipstick reviews! This product is so well-documented online and I am not surprised. It's impossible to find a shade you won't like since they have a dizzying number of colors and finishes, it's creamy, and it's cheap. It does have a distinct scent but you can't smell it on your lips anyway, so other than that there is really no reason to pass on a tube. Or two. Or five.

IMG_4979 copy

This will be a mini-review as I've already gone over the formula and packaging in a previous entry, click here to read! I'll be focusing on the shades for this one.

IMG_4977 copy

On two separate occasions I got these as a gift from Lady E of The Hyphen Store, one when I visited her stall in the Supersale Bazaar and another when I purchased two of the nail polishes from this post. She's still selling other shades at only Php140! That is a crazy awesome price.

IMG_4981 copy
L: NYX Fig, R: NYX Georgia
I am really appreciative of how the bottom of a NYX lipstick shows you the color. This is especially useful when you own more than just a couple. Don't be fooled though: this isn't an extra pot of lip color! I tried opening one of mine and it was more like a firm gel base.

IMG_4986 copy

NYX lipsticks are very creamy, which make them incredibly easy to apply. However, this also means they can break easily, which is what happened to my NYX Georgia soon after taking this picture. I've reattached it but it keeps catching on the lip of the tube; I might just depot it. This creamy nature also tends to catch on dry lips, as seen below.

IMG_5065 copy
Fig taken with flash which washed it out a bit. It's brighter in person.
Fig is a medium pink. It's the kind of shade that begs to be noticed, in a girly, playful way. It's the brighter sister of Tea Rose, and can similarly flatter a good range of skintones. Based on swatches and reviews online, NYX Louisiana is a deeper, cooler hot pink color, but both are quite bright. I think I wouldn't mind purchasing Louisiana, but with Fig and Tea Rose you can choose one or the other. One swipe gives almost opaque color coverage, but the shade is buildable if you wish! 

IMG_5067 copy 

Georgia on the other hand is a peach-pink, but the color is almost lost in a load of shimmer. Despite the high frost finish which I don't usually wear, I still find it quite flattering since it hides imperfections on the lips. I also like that application was still quite smooth; I've used glittery lipsticks before that felt quite gritty on the lips and were hard to remove.

Aaaand that's it. I'm happy to have these two in my collection! But I should probably try finishing up at least one tube of lipstick before I buy any more, haha.

What do you think of these two NYX shades? :)


  1. Fig looks really pretty on you. <3 And you're inspiring me to try NYX lipsticks out~

  2. Fig looks pretty.

  3. Both are nice shades but my favorite on you is Georgia! Ooomph factor is there :)

  4. Fig is amazing on you!!

  5. both look nice on you! :) the colors are very pretty!

  6. Thanks girls! :)

    @Dee go na now na! Hahaha. I love how it's affordable enough to try even on a budget! :)

  7. I love Fig and it's what converted me to love the ever creamy round lipsticks of NYX :)

  8. Oh wow. Fig looks really nice! I've never tried Nyx lipsticks before.

  9. Fig is one of my fave NYX RL! there's even a week that I wore it everyday! LOL

  10. @Gellie Abogado and @beautylilsecrets, oh wow, ang popular pala talaga ng Fig! It's taking some getting used to for me! Haha pero keri naman :D

    @Clair Ching, do try NYX! The sellers I bought them from usually have bazaars so that you can see the shades in person :D


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