Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Johnson's Baby Creamy Oil Cocoa & Shea Butter

It is now that time of year where I want nothing more than to bundle up in cozy knits and shawls. While the cool weather is awesome, it does not bode well for our skin as the low temperature tends to strip moisture from the surface. Dryness also aggravates psoriasis, so moisturizing becomes even more of a priority for me. My weapon of choice is Johnson's baby creamy oil, which I first featured in my skincare routine (which I need to update now, haha).

I found this while scouring the shelves of Duty Free's grocery for a powerful yet fast-absorbing moisturizer. Most people recommend that body lotions/moisturizers should be applied right after a bath because they absorb faster that way. However, I am lazy and sometimes I just want to slap some lotion on and go to bed. :P Johnson's baby creamy oil is enriched with cocoa and shea butter and claims to be non-greasy and to provide long-lasting moisturization. The ingredient list is chock-full of emollients, including mineral oil and glycerin. And I have to say, this thing is amaaaaazing. I would go so far as to say that this is HG material for me.

The creamy oil is, well, creamy! Despite this, it spreads easily and absorbs really fast, whether you apply it on damp or dry skin. There is a subtle shea butter fragrance which doesn't really dissipate after application, and during the day I sometimes catch a whiff of it on my skin. I quite like it as it reminds me of food at times :-) As for the long-lasting claim, I'm happy enough that it gets me through most of the day. In an airconditioned environment I sometimes feel the need to reapply around late afternoon, especially in exposed areas like the hands and arms. This isn't much of a problem since it absorbs fast enough. For around $5, you get 8 fl. oz. or 236 mL of product, which is not a bad deal at all.

The only downside I have to this is that it's hard to find here! I saw it just once in S&R for Php299 (~$7), and I never laid eyes on it again after that. I'm not sure if it's available in US surplus stores either. The only place where I'm sure of its availability is in Duty Free in Parañaque, so the next time I dropped by there I took the opportunity to stock up:

The aloe vera variant smells different, but works the same!
Get this if you want a body moisturizer that absorbs fast, and you don't mind scented skincare and mineral oil. Highly recommended!


  1. Hey Kari, have you tried JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil Gel with Shea and Cocoa Butter? I was super tempted to buy one at Duty Free kanina. I'm one of those people who dislikes the feeling of being "coated" with lotion, though I religiously apply lotion everyday. Kaya I was really interested in the gel version, except that I don't like cocoa butter scents (weird but yeah, can't stand it!).

    Great that this works well for you, I remember you telling me before that you're quite picky with lotions since it might aggravate psoriasis :)

  2. Hi Kira, I've never tried it but I want to! I was actually choosing between that and this baby creamy oil when I first bought it. The latter won because I figured it was less greasy than a gel. For any lotion the best thing to do talaga to avoid the greasy feel is to apply it while skin is still damp. Haha would your dislike of cocoa butter scents have something to do with your intense dislike of chocolate brownies? :)) But scent is a matter of preference naman talaga :)

    Yup, this is scented but it doesn't aggravate psoriasis, in fact it helps contain it because it locks in moisture :) Yay!

  3. @KariI really swear by Avon's Moisture Therapy Oatmeal Lotion -- very lightweight and watery, plus unscented yay! :D

    I figured, the gel would be less oily naman since, well, in gel form (basing on my experience with sunblock gels from my Derma). Maybe next time, I'll muster enough strength to buy one na talaga haha. I'm super curious!

  4. Kari, I was about to comment 'di ko yata nakikita to sa grocery', but then I read the rest and saw that it was from DF. :) I love creamy heavy lotions and have been experiencing dry skin too since the weather change, I so would love to try this.

  5. @KIRA ♥ I've been wanting to try that oatmeal lotion too, haha, pero maguubos muna ako!

    I've read in some reviews that the baby oil gel is less oily than the actual baby oil, but still leaves a shiny/greasy finish. The baby creamy oil doesn't leave a shiny finish naman. If I get back to Duty Free earlier than you, I'll text you!

  6. @Ida Hi Ida, once ko lang talaga siya nakita sa S&R and everytime I'm there, hinahanap ko siya, pero wala! And same offer - when I go back to duty free, contact kita siguro. Can probably send stuff through shipping. :)

  7. hi! meron sa Super8 located at Jackman-Monumento near LRT station :D..


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