Monday, October 31, 2011

From the Owldrobe: Work and Play

It's been quite a week! Had a special project for work, which I might do a ninja shots post on if the pictures are good enough for that. Before I show you my work and play outfits, though, let me share a little something that also happened this week. Early on my work took me to the far reaches of Makati for a workshop, where I decided to take advantage of the opportunity presented to me:

Goodbye hair!

Well ok, not that big a goodbye. Though I recently dyed it I was stubborn enough to keep my split ends (that and the dye process was taking waaay too much time and money), so I asked for a trim to keep my mane healthy but still longish. They had a little too much fun with it in the end, but it turned out nicely.

Hello, waves! And nicely shaped eyebrows. Cannot get over.

This night made me want to invest in a permanent blowdry ala Mira of Clinique. Having wavy hair is an unusual experience for my stick-straight, refuses-to-mess-up hair.

The workshop included a makeup part,
which is essentially my everyday look + eyeshadows and blush.

And for my work outfit:

Gray and white striped blouse: Debenhams Petite
Royal blue skirt w/zipper detailing: Trunk Show
Taupe pompom wedges: Ferretti

I chanced upon both the blouse and skirt on sale--a girl's got to keep an eye out for good deals! The skirt sits a wee bit too low on the waist, though, so I think I have to pair it with a more well-fitting top the next time to keep a sleeker silhouette. 

For the play part, I'm actually typing this from Tagaytay! Nice way to end the week. The cool breeze is pretty awesome, and set the stage for a wonderful exercise in layering. The play outfit is what I wore yesterday, where we did nothing but eat and lounge around. My tummy is full of salad, lamb, chicken shawarma, and Bo's hot chocolate. Mmm.

Purple spaghetti strap top (inner): Forever 21
Sleeveless fuchsia top: ForMe
Navy cardigan w/bird embroidery: Promod
MOTO Martha jeans: Topshop Petite
T-strap wedges: Aerosoles
Wearing the inner was a good idea: not only did it prevent a wardrobe malfunction courtesy of my overstretched ForMe top whose neckline I still adore, but it also gave additional insulation when it was too hot out to wear the cardigan, but still cold for Tagaytay standards.

I asked my siblings if I could put their faces here, and this was the best picture I could find.
We don't all look alike. :p
What did you do and wear this long weekend?


  1. the brows and the hair :) Happy weekend! I'm staying in Manila til Tuesday but will be flying out on the 7th :)

  2. Your hair looks great & I love your outfit with the blue skirt! :)

  3. I love the new hair:) ang bongga! pak!

  4. @KIRA ♥ boring na siya now that it's straight again, boo haha. Ohh safe trip! :)

    @Vintage Makeup thanks Vintage! :D

    @SunnyToast salamat teh! gusto ko na maging wavy forever. haha!

  5. kari you look great! i love the wavy hair... it looks really good on you. the work outfit is great too :)

  6. I love your new waves! :) Looks so effortlessly chic :)

    Btw, please join my blog giveaway! :)


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