Sunday, October 16, 2011

From the Owldrobe: Walking Tall

I've no voice for a couple of days now; the Internet, my phones, and a notepad are my sole channels of expression. My family and friends are having a field day about "asserting my right to silence" and saying things like, "ask Ursula for your voice back". I really hope it happens soon, because I can't wait to sing again!

My current predicament. I need to kiss my true love before tomorrow at sundown, quick!

At work, we have masses on Wednesdays and Fridays where I join the choir. On one of those days I looked to my left and right and realized I was shorter than everyone in my row. This happens all the time, of course, but I felt to small because everyone was wearing heels! I immediately worked out a shoe schedule for myself where mass days are heels days, while I can rest in between. My skintone Ferretti heels are my staple, but I've picked up a few pairs to rotate it with in the last few months.

IMG_4189 copy

Walking Tall the first: Aerosoles Plushed Velvet t-strap wedges. These are by far the most comfortable pair of wedges I've ever owned, and rightly so. The 3-inch wedge is helped by a 3/4" platform, spelling yay for petite ladies like me. It's actually a little big at size 5 1/2 but it certainly doesn't feel that way, and the strap helps. I love the neutral tri-color metallic design and the suede lining is heaven. They're the perfect thing to wear when I want to walk a lot (like when shopping!) and look tall at the same time.

IMG_4199 copy

The only downside to these shoes are the price, which I've already forgotten but believe me when I say it was hard to swallow at first. Totally worth it, though. The second downside is that I feel uncomfortable wearing them without painting my toenails due to psoriasis, and this goes for all my open-toed shoes. I love them, but le sigh. Life's like that.

IMG_5428 copy

Walking tall the second: Morgan chunky colorblock heels from Comfit, which were originally Php1499 but I managed to score them on sale. I only just noticed that this is also a t-strap. :) I've never owned a purple shoe and the purple-light teal combo sealed the deal for me.

IMG_5433 copy

At four inches these are my tallest shoes and they're not padded like the Aerosoles wedges, so it took a few days before I got used to tottering around in them. The chunky heel is lightweight and provided much-needed stability. When I wear these to work I try to bring a pair of flats along so that I can rest when I'm just at my desk, and after awhile I placed gel pads on the insoles to cushion the feet. So far, so good.

IMG_5421 copy

Walking tall the third (and last) is--surprise, surprise--another Ferretti! I swear, if you have small feet, look for Ferretti wherever you may live. I always stop by their Landmark Trinoma branch when I'm there since I know they have my size and I can look at styles without worrying if they'll fit or not.

IMG_5422 copy

These wedge pumps in taupe are perfect for looking polished at work, and the pompom flower accent is adorable. They are also fairly priced at Php1399. I suffered a few scars and/or blisters from breaking them in, but now they're comfortable and I'm happy.

Now, your turn! What are your favorite shoes to wear for work or school? :)

Aerosoles is available in the following stores. Comfit shoes are available in-store (see their Facebook) and online through Ferretti shoes are available online at and a list of their branches is available on Facebook.


  1. miss you kari bebe!:)) the comfit is as always nice, true to its name. comfyyyyT:))

  2. Love Ferretti pa din :) Does comfit have size 4s? Did you get yours at Galleria? :)

  3. @wickeRmoss Chaaaaarles! Miss you too! Haha nice one ;)

  4. @KIRA ♥ 5 is Comfit's smallest size, hit or miss for our little feet. Best to go with the ones with straps. :) I got mine at the Michael Antonio store in Trinoma. They have a freestanding shop na at SM North Annex!

  5. Haven't been to SM in a loong while. I'm always in Noma e. Ooh, just bought new Ferretti wedges, they're super new. Liz saw them and she got envious lol. I'll post nga soon. I don't have voice either now cos I have this terrible cough that I got from my sister, lol. So, woe is me :(

  6. @KIRA ♥ I'm on Day 4 of not-normal voice but at least I can talk now. Take strepsils and pei pa koa, and warm water all the time :) Haha let's SM naman next time, when we're both feeling better!

  7. All pretty pairs! :) The first pair looks especially even looks comfy. Mahal nga lang talaga ng Aerosoles. :)

  8. Such beautiful shoesss!!!

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