Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Second Project Vanity Clinique Party

When I first read about the Clinique party on Project Vanity, I wanted to sign up right away but couldn't because I had things to do that March. Good thing there was a take two, and I was so excited I immediately sent an email without giving my name and contact details! I really wanted a chance to get to know the brand especially after I decided to pay more attention to (a.k.a. invest in, hehe) my skincare routine.
IMG_3274 copy
This is a picture-heavy post, so if you and your internet connection are ready, click on the jump!

Second evidence of my excitement: I was at the Clinique counter in Rustans Makati early, around 1:20 p.m. when the time given was around 2 (I already got lost several times at that point haha). The first fellow PV reader and beauty blogger I met there was none other than Kira! Though meeting people I first met online is not new to me, that hasn't happened in awhile and I was still rather shy. Kira however was really warm and friendly and it was only seconds before I felt like I've known her for quite awhile (which technically I have, right?). I underestimate the Internet. I was also able to meet Mira, the marketing manager of Clinique, who had perfect hair. Perfect.
IMG_3255 copy
Me, Kira, and Mira!

I decided to go ahead with the skin consultation and makeover while waiting for everyone else. Dindin, one of the Clinique consultants, helped me go through a comprehensive skin test and patiently explained the reasons for each of my skin problems. I didn't realize how much I had to look out for in terms of my skin: dullness, pimples, redness, signs of aging, and so on. I think I have a litany of skin problems, hehe.
IMG_3258 copy
Dindin gave me tips on how to keep those skin concerns in check, which basically boiled down to: 1.) exfoliation and 2.) sun protection. My dry-combination skin (type 2) needed regular but gentle exfoliation to scrub old skin cells away (which caused flaking) and sun protection to take care of the new ones that emerge.
IMG_3259 copy
Dindin and me. Thank you Kira for taking charge of my camera!
IMG_3264 copy
Part of the skincare lineup Dindin recommended. I am eyeing that eye cream!
IMG_3284 copy

Up next was the makeover, and by then there were quite a few girls already milling around the Clinique counter, including Liz. Again I was excited but shy to meet her, and I found her to be as down-to-earth as her reviews. Plus I loved her dress!
IMG_3287 copy
Ms. Vannie the MUA, me, and Liz
IMG_3266 copy

Ms. Vannie helped me pick a foundation match and fixed my problem area (eyebrows--thank youuu!). I did away with blush and settled for taking more time to learn how to do eye makeup, where Ms. Vannie did one eye and I tried to copy it. I think I did okay, haha! I think she used the Milly palette, and I quite liked the colors, very neutral and good for everyday.
IMG_3285 copy
The result: neater eyebrows, fresher face. Yay!
IMG_3286 copy
The eye makeup. I am loving how dreamy-looking this photo is

After that, I just hung out. It was really fun, laid-back, and not the really awkward I-have-to-meet-new-people scenario I had at the back of my head. Being able to talk about beauty and fashion stuff like it was everyday news was awesome! I also spent a lot of time doing this:
Kari in action
Thanks Lori for the photo!

Bringing that huge bag was worth it, because now I have a lot of pictures. 
IMG_3271 copy
Mira! See what I mean about the hair?
IMG_3279 copy
PV readers and friends with Mira
IMG_3288 copy
This was Liz trying out Moisture Surge on Bea's hand. I am loving my samples of it!
IMG_3290 copy
Lori & Liz
IMG_3316 copy
IMG_3322 copy
Ms. Vannie & Mara
IMG_3319 copy
They used Clinique makeup for our makeovers, of course

I'd bomb you with even more photos, but I'll let my Flickr set do that for me. Suffice to say that I had a great time letting my kikay side show with beautiful, friendly people who I hope to meet again! I promise to test my very generous samples and return if my skin glows with happiness... or if I just feel like dropping by. Hee. (On that note, I am *loving* Moisture Surge and I will no longer be afraid of the little breakouts that my Turnaround Concentrate gives me.) Thank you so much Liz, Mira & the rest of the Clinique team!

As for what I wore that day:
Photo credit: Kira
Blue ruffle blouse: thrifted
Tiered floral ruffle skirt: Never Been Kissed @ Rob Dept. Store
Blue hobo bag (lower right): Segue

Those pumps can go with nearly everything. I love how they're not just for work. :D


  1. This looks so fun!! :) I love your outfit by the way! Really cute!

  2. That's so cool, and I'm so jealous of your camera!

  3. Yey! I'm grabbing my picture with Bea for souvenir purposes..I love your shots sooo...dramatic..hehehe...I do want a copy of that picture of us taken by Ms. Mira with our cameras remember? :D

  4. Michelle, it was really really fun! Thank you! :)

    Vintage, it's so heavy to lug around but when I do finally get around to editing the photos, I'm glad I brought it :)

    Angeli, what picture was that? I only took out mostly bad product shots before I uploaded on Flickr, so if it's not there, it might have been from someone else's camera haha :)

  5. Haha! Thanks for the post. I think some of our best group photos are with Ms. Mira.

  6. Hi Bea, yeah, I hardly have any group photos because of my prime lens. Lori has some in her Flickr account though! Wide shots are the only time my lens is impractical to use :))

  7. you seriously have to try that eye cream!

  8. Yay! Nice to meet you Kari :) See you again soon :)

  9. Lady E, I'll research on it first! It's a big investment haha, and I'm looking to purchase Moisture Surge pa :))

    Kira, yes! See you again soon too :)

  10. Love your pictures! newbie pa ko sa cam & everything. even w/ make up. haha. But I promise to learn more & try more. haha.

    Loved the samples too. Esp. moisture surge & how refreshing it is pag na-touch na sa skin. hihi.

    Hope to see you again.

    P.S: will post a blog entry din since na-enjoy ko nang bonggang bongga! haha. Thanks for reminding me the names behind the faces. lol.

  11. Lori yay you will post! I'll wait for it :D

  12. Kari, The shot I was talking about is from Ms. Mira's camera :(

  13. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Hi, Kari, nice to meet you! Yeah, you're right about bringing a huge bag/camera. The photos are worth it. :)

  14. Angeli, haha yeah. Maybe we can ask for a copy :)

    Ae, hehe yeah, I will really keep that in mind the next time I complain about its size. :)


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