Monday, April 04, 2011

From the Owldrobe: Skintone Heels with Ferretti

I stand at a very petite 4'11", with a very petite shoe size to match. Now that I'm semi-working, I have to let go of my college wedges and replace them with a pair of sensible heels. It's already annoying to try to look for good-fitting pair of flats, but more so with heels! Insole measurements for heels seem to wear bigger than that of flats despite having the same size label, so I am constantly on a quest for a snugger fit. I also look at the arch of the shoe, the heel (stilettos for work, no), and the quality. I don't mind spending a little more for a good pair, but it's also because of that willingness that I'm particular with my choices.

I heard from Kira and Liz that Ferretti made shoes fitted for small & narrow Pinay feet, so I dropped by their spot in Landmark Trinoma last Sunday. Liz had mentioned that Ferretti specializes in flats and wedges, so my only purpose there was to check out the range of designs, styles, and prices. Behind their standalone shelves, however, were these:

I read from petite fashion blogs (Extra Petite is my favorite) that skintone pumps elongate the legs and give height, but I had given up hope of finding a good pair that wouldn't involve pre-ordering online--and for petite sizing, that's a huge gamble. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these, and in a size 4.5 no less!

I tried them on and was amazed at the fit. It was pretty darn snug! I quickly ran off the rest of the checklist in my head: Arch? Relatively low but still height-inducing. Heel? Thick but sleek, relatively stable, three inches. Quality? Not bad at all! Needless to say, I brought these home.

The style is a classy pointy pump, perfect for the office. Strictly speaking the color doesn't blend completely with the skin even though it's "skintone", but they're not too shabby for my first pair, no? These are part of the new arrivals as of last Sunday, but Landmark was having a sale and I got these at 10% off. Sweet.

I'm glad I found Ferretti, because I tend to stick to certain brands for shoes due to the sizing and fit. It doesn't hurt that they have a good variety of shoes and sizes (4.5-9) to choose from. The summer sandals were going for Php599-799, and I don't think I saw a style over Php2000--expect change with your purchase. Petite- and budget-approved!

I also can't wait to try dressing up the pumps despite the lower heel. 
(Photo credit: P.S. I Made This)

Ferretti in Trinoma is located inside Landmark, level M2. Just walk past BreadTalk and stay on the left side, it's easier to spot since their place is by a wall and not just on standalone shelves. A list of their other locations is on their Facebook page. They're also running a contest where you can win a pair of shoes just by guessing the price. You can even visit their stores for an exact guess! Well worth the research, methinks. :)

P.S. I tweaked my layout a bit, please do tell me if anything's out of place!


  1. Your feet is like half mine! :)) Love the shoes you got though! W

  2. Michelle, you're lucky, wala kang masyadong kaaway sa sapatos! Hehe :)

    Vintage, thanks :)

  3. creative! i have small feet too Kari and the shoes at Chesca/Chelsea fit me best. Oh, and surprisingly, I found shoes that fit me in Singapore! I'm actually a size 6 there whereas I'm a size 5 here. go figure

  4. This is such a nice pair, looks chic and sexy but not that high noh?
    New blogger and follower here, hope you can visit mine too some time :)

  5. Lady E, where can you find Chesca/Chelsea shoes? On my last trip to Singapore I didn't really look at the shoes, hopefully I'll have time to look around when we go back this year. If Singaporeans have smaller feet, then awesome! Haha :)

    Jenggay, yeah they're actually pretty basic heels, but it's true that the classic styles are the sexiest ones. These look really nice on me. :) Good luck & have fun with blogging!

  6. new reader here! :) this post is perfect because i just read extra petite's post about nude pumps and i was wondering where to find a pair that would fit my tiny feet. :) i can't seem to find the price though; how much did you buy these for?

  7. Isea, hi there! I love Extra Petite too, one of my fave petite fashion blogs :D These were Php1299 and come in pretty small sizes starting at 4. Hope this helps! :)


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