Friday, April 29, 2011

Review: Brazen Cosmetics

Around a month back, I was lucky enough to win a St. Patrick's Day-themed giveaway over at Le Gothique and sponsored by Brazen Cosmetics. I was able to pick up the package at the Q.C. Central Post Office, and it was a very calm experience compared to the horror stories I've been hearing about customs taxes and all. Then again, I only received a small bubble mailer, so I ended up paying only 40php. I was so excited that I opened the package in the car, took photos as soon as I got home, and tried a look while watching the royal wedding! (Did you watch? I love Kate's dress!)

IMG_3569 copy
IMG_3577 copy
Look at all that green. So pretty! Also note that each single pot is sealed, which is one hell of a blessing for 1.) screw-top pots and 2.) internationally mailed packages. And this is coming from an indie makeup company! I am pleasantly surprised.

IMG_3580 copy
More pictures after the jump! (You can tell I am trying to improve my photography. :p)

IMG_3593 copy
Lots O' Luck is part of BC's Passion Pot lipglosses. These glosses contain no carmine and are vegan. When I first removed the seal, I caught a rather strong whiff of vanilla, but when I opened the 5g pot the citrusy pink lemonade kicked in. It tastes a bit like lemonade too! You might want to keep your hair off your face when you wear this because it's a bit sticky, but it's not too sticky and it didn't dry my lips out (something I found that glosses do which is why I'm not much of a fan). The green sparkle is really eye-catching and it stands out against the pale pink gloss. You can layer it over a lipstick or wear it on its own.

Next up, have you ever heard of glitter glue for the body? Nope? Meet Shilelagh.

IMG_3586 copy
Shilelagh is a true green Glitterati Gel, made up of two or more kinds of sparkles for a fun glitter experience. I imagine this would be useful for fairy-themed looks (it's eye-safe), or basically anywhere that you want to emphasize with little sparkly things (think collarbone or cleavage, maybe?). It takes a little while to dry and the glitters do scatter so it's a bit hard to remove completely, but these are expected for such products. It came in a 10g pot but if you want to load up on the glitters you'd have to use quite a bit, so this amount isn't bad at all.

IMG_3623 copy

I also received two of Brazen's mineral eyeshadows: Shenanigans and Blarney.

IMG_3595 copy
IMG_3590 copy

IMG_3620 copy
I was very much taken with Shenanigans when I saw it in the pot. It's described as a "dark smokey forest green (almost black but not quite) with a ton of green sparkles". It is a beautiful shade with, yes, a chockfull of sparkle, but it does not make the eyeshadow gritty at all. However, it is recommended that Shenanigans be worn with a primer or base underneath to hold the glitter in place.

The 5g pot didn't come with a sifter so travelling with this may be an issue, but right now I'm just appreciating its accessibility. This shade is perfect for a green smoky eye. I'd repurchase this, if I ran out and if international shipping wasn't so unstable here.

Blarney on the other hand is a lovely bright-but-not-too-bright green that's good as an all-over wash. The sparkles really show here but they aren't as obnoxious on the lid. It applies a bit sheer so I resorted to patting instead of the usual windshield-wiper movement, and like Shenanigans it's best with a primer. The primer also ensures the longevity of your eyeshadow, so this I didn't worry about so much.

Edit: I emailed Sandi, the owner of Brazen to ask about the eyeshadows. I'm happy to report that they are vegan too! Also I found that there are only 5 pots of Blarney existing in the world (!). I am holding an incredibly rare and beautiful piece in my stash. I also did a little research on the word blarney and it actually now means "clever and flattering talk". Well I have to agree, this is a clever eyeshadow because while it didn't look like much in the pot, it glittered something special in pictures and is rather flattering!

I'm very much happy with the stuff I received, thank you Grey & Sandi! This will encourage me to move out of my comfort zone of neutral eyeshadows. :) I am sad to report that Lots O' Luck, Shilelagh and Blarney are limited edition and no longer available, but there are still stocks of Shenanigans because it's now part of Brazen's permanent line ($5.49). Yay! I leave you now with an eye look using Shenanigans (crease) and Blarney (lid), plus primer, a highlight shade from a neutral palette, and Maybelline gel liner.

IMG_3664 copy
IMG_3658 copy
Note to self: next time, don't overboard on the glitter.


  1. Wow all of that is soo pretty!

  2. OMG I love anything green! :) Lucky you!

  3. Vintage, it is! And more accessible on your side of the ocean ;)

    Kira, the color is lucky too! Haha :) I've never tried green eyeshadows before and these were really pretty.

  4. Thank you Kari!!! I'm so glad you love it! The greens look fantastic on you!

    If you are ever wary about purchasing more due to oversees shipping issues, Brazen actually offers insurance (yes!!!) for international shipments to prevent any mishaps. :)

  5. Sandi, that's great news! Thanks for the info :D

    MartianDelights, I love it too, it's unexpectedly pretty :)

  6. the packaging is so cute!!!

  7. From Broadway, every package Brazen sends looks this adorable! :D

  8. waw! ang ganda ng effect sa eyes mo ;) ♥


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