Sunday, September 18, 2011

What do you GET UP for?

Oh September. It's the month of many birthdays, including my own, and I keep finding excuses to go shopping. I also got my first paycheck as a full-time member of the workforce this month, so you can imagine what happened that same day. I did get shoes for my sister, though, who is also a September baby. :)

For self-confessed shopping addicts (okay, like me), a program like GET UP is just the kind of thing we need to feel better about our beloved hobby. I found out about this straight from work, though it's been ongoing for some time now.

Taking their cue from the word “getup”, GET UP is not just about what people wear, but it is also the call to action to do something valuable for others and the country. While CSRs like these are usually limited to just the employees of any one company, Golden ABC (GABC) is now offering its customers, clients, family and friends a chance to GET UP for something too. You can also take your pick as to which advocacy you’d like to support!

Our current partner advocacies
The first thing you’ll want to do is to drop by your nearest Penshoppe, Oxygen, MEMO, ForMe, or Regatta store. For every Php1,000 minimum single receipt purchase from any of these brands, you can donate Php25 to a partner advocacy. They'll give you a GET UP tag at the counter, which will contain your unique code number, password pin (which has to be written by the staff), instructions and the GET UP logo.

Next, head to a computer that preferably has a connected webcam. Log on to and click on the “DONATE” button.

Fill 'er up!

You’ll be asked to pick whether you’ll GET UP for Education, Community Building, Environment, or Arts & Culture. I picked Arts & Culture because I adore the partner institution, Museo Pambata. Hee.

And you’re done! The GET UP site tracks the donations in real-time, so you’ll be able to see how much has been donated to each advocacy. There’s no limit to how much you can donate, so shop all you want (yay!). I hope more people contribute to the Arts & Culture and Community Building sectors, 'cause I'd like to see what those peeking icons look like.

As a little thank you, the lovely people behind GET UP prepared a little somethin' somethin'. After donating, click on the "See Something Cool" button. Take the printed pattern on your GET UP tag and show it to your webcam—make sure your face is included! Keep that hand steady too. Something’ll pop up that’s sure to amuse you. I won't spoil it, though. Hehe.

Hi, I look stoned. Sorry :))

For more information, do visit GET UP at, and Golden ABC at


  1. hahaha!you're so cute sis, AND funny!:P but this is a great thing, shopping and donating at the same time :)

  2. @beautylilsecrets, I love you for saying I'm funny. :)) ForMe and Memo have nice clothes, and Penshoppe has nice floral shoes! Hehe. :D

  3. haha. you're still cute, gurl(even if you're stoned)! LOL :))

  4. @lori hahaha thanks lori! :))

  5. Natawa ako sa "I look stoned",lol! I jut got this pair of awesome jeans from Penshoppe! I posted s recent OOTD on my blog. Kapag kasama ba kita magshop may employee discount ba ako? LOL

  6. @KIRA ♥ I saw your OOTD! Natuwa nga ko when I saw Penshoppe hahaha. Shop with me after February 22 next year para yes na ang sagot ko sa tanong mo. ;) In ze meantime, magaantay muna tayo ng sale. :))


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