Sunday, May 22, 2011

Catching Up

I was initially surprised to see that I've written only three entries this month, but then again it really was a busy one, all things considered. I'm working on a few posts to up the count and keep you girls entertained for the next week and a half or so, but in the meantime, you can check what I've been up to elsewhere:

My guest review for the Pure Beauty Super Brightening Toner is up! Check it out on Kira's blog, Elegantly Wasted. Pure Beauty is available exclusively at Watsons, but seeing as they have branches in nearly all SM malls across the country, this isn't a deterrent at all! I passed by today (Gateway branch) and saw that they were giving 10-20% off on certain products, including some from the Pure Beauty brand. I also read some good comments and reviews on the Internet about their relatively cheap eye creams and hair care. This is a brand worth checking out!

You might be wondering what a picture of a long-haired man with heavy kohl liner is doing on this entry. It's a photo from my first article on the Beauty & Fashion channel at the Philippine Online Chronicles! Thank you so much Liz :D I'm very much happy and grateful for this opportunity, which came just when I was considering a career change. It's a bonus that I get to write more about what I like, and that writing is keeping me on my toes.

Stay tuned for the next ones!


  1. I hope you start writing more!

  2. Wah, we have the same dilemma...I haven't been blogging much lately when I used to write almost on a daily basis. I might have to let go of POC, though I want to return after I'm done with my studies.

    It's great that you got into POC. The online zine needs more people like you. :D

  3. Vintage, thank you! Writing is such a big part of my work and play life right now, haha :)

    Bea, I do hope you can come back after you finish your PhD! Like Liz said, we have yet to make an ultimate kikay out of you. Hehe. :) And thank you :)


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