Thursday, July 28, 2011

A One-Hour Entry

I have exactly an hour between lunch and heading out once again for some errands, so I figured I'd challenge myself to come up with an entry in that time and let y'all know that I'm not dead. :p The past month or so has been challenging, with my mom's hospital trip, recovery period, work and jobhunting coming one after the other. I do update quite often on Twitter, though!

So, one hour. What can I tell you in one hour?

I've been trying to finish up the stuff from my skincare routine, and then some. From left: Pure Beauty Super Brightening toner, Mary Kay Velocity facial cleanser, my HG Neutrogena Ultra Sheer, the top half of my Etude House Happy Teatime cleansing foam, and Asian Secrets lulur scrub. I've reviewed most of these except for the last two, but both are decent in their own right. I'm still trying to scrape out the bottom half of the Etude cleansing foam--I could not believe the amount left after I squeezed it almost flat. Plus I don't think I can let go of that milk tea scent just yet.

I've also been blessed, beauty and fashion-wise, lately. I took these blessings as a sign that I should probably start blogging again, haha.

First, an e.l.f. palette from Lady E's recent giveaway--can't wait to play with it! (Yes, it's upside down. A downside to my one-hour timeframe.) I was able to meet her at the recent SuperSale bazaar which I will write about soon, in the meantime see her entry about it here. I forgot to add the NYX Fig lipstick she gave me then in the picture. Also, my lovely friend The Stepford Witch sent me samples! I've been wanting to try out the Shu Uemura cleansing oils for the longest time and she was sweet enough to send these along with a few others, thank you so much :) You might notice the yellow one is already open, hee. I transferred it to another container so I could make the most out of it. Thank you, dear! :) 

I was a good girl for the most part during the SuperSale bazaar, and I went around the tent three times before deciding to purchase this satchel. Isn't she just gorgeous? I fell in love with her color, and her secrets--she has not one, but two main pockets hiding under that flap. I'm the type of person who carries her house in her bag, and this baby is serving me quite well. We've been inseparable, except for the times when I had to leave her home since I'd be taking a laptop.

I was also a good girl when I met up with Kira in Trinoma, and as luck would have had it, Accessorize was on sale! Normally I would look at the jewelry but then the scarves and shawls caught my eye, and I almost never left the display before purchasing something. I ended up taking home this oriental-themed scarf for only Php 270. It has been my constant companion while jobhunting this week. I usually wear it around my neck, and when it's too humid I tie it around the old rose satchel as a pretty bag accessory.

This is exactly how I look while making this entry. Featuring my new scarf love and MAC Speed Dial lipstick.

Last but definitely not the least, a sneak peek from my upcoming off-topic posts--that is, something not wholly related to either beauty or fashion. These Off-Topic posts will be about stuff that I just want to share, and they can be about anything--food, issues, and pretty things. Lots and lots of pretty things.

So, hello. I'm back. :D Your turn to share! Any new hauls? Did you recently hit pan or are about to hit pan on something? Let me know!


  1. kari i miss reading your blog! good thing you updated :) i like the blue (indigo?) shirt w/ the scarf... very nice combination.

    you're welcome sa samples. hope you enjoy them ;)

  2. what a fresh and young face~

    i heart your pink satchel~

  3. Where did you get your satchel? So pretty :D

  4. Welcome back dear! 'Twas nice reading a post from you again~

  5. "I''m the type of person who carries her house in her bag" >> I can relate! XD

    Love the bag, and I love that you're making picture posts like this now too! <3

  6. That bag is gorgeous!!! I LOVE IT!! :)

  7. Kookie, thank you! :D Yes I think the blouse is dark enough to be called indigo, it's one of my favorites :D I'm going to try the phytogenic foundation next, I tried the tester from TFS and nagustuhan ko yung texture. :)

    Kate, thank you :D Hang out with Lady E soon!

    Astrid, managed to find this in my browsing history: they told me the style I bought wasn't put up on the site, though!

    MissGennD, so sweet of you! Thank you for still following the blog :D

    Dee, maliit pa naman ako. Ang hirap hindi magmukhang high school sa dami ng dala ko :)) And yes nainspire ako sa Sunday Shots mo! :)

    Vintage, thank you! :D

  8. Finally!!!!!! You look so pretty in that photo! Love it!

  9. wow! you finished a lot of products!

    I just noticed that I'm already a follower of your blog. thanks for dropping by mine. I hope you follow me back. :D

  10. Lady E, ayan ha! Haha thank youu <3

    Hollie, para naman mabawasan yung bote sa kwarto ko! I followed you na dati pa :D

    looks great on you!
    Is the etude house happy teatime facial wash good? I want to try facial wash eh. i hope maganda sya! =p

  12. Christine, thank you! <3 The EH facial wash is an ok facial wash, I think oily skin types would like it more kasi my face sometimes feels a bit tight after washing (I have dry-combi skin). The nice thing is, you get a lot for the price plus it smells REAAAALLY good. As in can't let go ako sa amoy! :P


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