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Review: Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 PA+++

Moisturizer is the one skincare product I cannot live without (lipbalm is second). I don't mind going out of the house with nary a trace of makeup on, as long as I have moisturized beforehand. I was able to get a very generous sample size of Clinique Superdefense SPF 25/PA +++ at the Clinique party last April, which I started using around May. I am about to run out of it in a matter of days so I figured it was time for a review.

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Description (from
Clinique SUPERDEFENSE SPF25 Age Defense Moisturizer is the four-dimension protection against the effects of sun, stress and time. This daily moisturizer delivers all-rounded protection to help skin combat the elements that conspire to age skin, Start at the first signs if aging and you can virtually help deactivate skin’s visible responses—lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone. Even enhance the barrier function that keeps skin firm and supple.

  • It stabilizes sunscreen for protection against UVA (the aging rays) and UVB (the burning rays).
  • It prompts skin’s defenses into full alert mode, boosting a natural repair response.
  • It helps skin deflect the visible effects of emotional stress—those fight or flight reactions—that can start a cascade of damage within skin, surfacing as lines, wrinkles, uneven tone.
  • Price & Amount: Php 2,950 for 50mL

    Clinique Superdefense comes in jar packaging for both sample/travel sizes and the full-size version. I like how I'm able to use it to the last drop because of the jar packaging. I also like the old-fashioned feel of using something that comes in a jar, but agree that it's not the most hygienic way to use this. Pump packaging would probably be more practical. The product itself is not too heavy that it would have trouble squeezing out of one, so it's a viable option.

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    When looking at moisturizers, I look for whether it could properly moisturize my dry-combination skin and, if it's the greasy kind, it should have SPF so that I wouldn't have to layer a sunscreen. An old version of Superdefense started out with having just SPF 25, so I'm happy with this new version that now addresses UVA rays in addition to UVB ones. The SPF is also enough for daily use and there is no white cast.

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    The new Superdefense comes in two versions: one for dry-combination skin (which I have) and another for combination-oily skin. The product itself is creamy but lightweight, and absorbs quickly. Despite how fast it sinks into the skin, you only need a small amount because there's ample time to spread it around. It leaves a slightly dewy finish at first, which becomes more matte in a few minutes. My skin feels well-moisturized and supple, but not greasy. It is 100% fragrance-free, which means that there is no added ingredient meant only to provide a scent. It does have a very subtle sunscreen-like scent, however. 

    I quite like this moisturizer. It holds up well under foundation or BB cream throughout the day and does not make me oily; I only have to blot once in the middle of the day (twice if I'm going out at night) as I normally do. It didn't aggravate my psoriasis. As for the anti-aging part, I don't really have lines or wrinkles around the face that this can address but I would say it evened out my skintone somewhat. My cheeks are less red, for sure. The only gripes I have with this are that 1.) it's pricey and 2.) you cannot use it around your eyes, but then again it says "keep out of eyes" on the packaging. In my first few days of using this I did get some product around the eye area and it started to redden and sting like mad! Had to calm it down using the teaspoon-in-the-freezer trick. Lesson learned, sigh.

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    Would I repurchase? Yes, if it weren't so expensive! I would love to be able to use this long-term and see if it does help with the more visible signs of aging. As it is, I'll wait for a trip to Duty Free before I get the full-size version which could last me around half a year. This travel size of 15mL lasted a couple of months, and I'm very grateful for the time we spent together. In the meantime I'm going to have to look for an alternative. Any suggestions? I need to find one this very week, or else. Do share in the comments!


    1. Thanks for sharing this review! Yeah, Clinique products are quite high, but their products are amazing, so I've heard! Good thing I'm only 20 and don't need to put too much stuff on ze face. - Mar

    2. i like products that come in pots for the same reason, you can use every bit of it. what i do is i have a small spatula/spoon in my bathroom to scoop it out each time. i just sanitize it with alcohol before and after use.

      you could try the moisturizer from dermalogica's ultra calming line. just tell the SA you want specifically. their products are about 2k plus but they usually last a year & a half. also check out murad.

    3. Hi Mar! I'm only 21, but my skin feels tight and rough without moisturizer. I guess it really has to do with skin type!

      Kookie, I keep forgetting about the spatula and I end up using a cotton bud. Should keep one on my dresser at all times! Oh what I wouldn't give to have a Rustans nearer to me. Thanks for the suggestions, will check them out!

    4. Anonymous2:39 PM

      Hi, Kari, glad to hear from you! I'm using a very cheap face 'dew' right now, I posted it on my blog a while back. I got it from a stand in Glorietta, Sesou, I think: Vanilla and Co. Drops of Dew Face Moisturizer (Php 150). It's very light, much like the Clinique Moisture Surge and it gives me really supple skin/face! Do try to check it out. Smells really yummy too! :)

    5. check out beauty bar too... there's a brand called ziaja. i use their phytoaktiv night cream (less than 300 bucks!). it looks oily but doesn't feel oily (weird). and perhaps invest in the day cream w/ spf. i think you'll get more milage that way :)

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    7. Ae, thanks! There's Sesou in Trinoma which is nearer to me, I'll check it out. Trying to avoid scents though because of psoriasis, but it is proving to be a really hard thing to do. I love scented stuff pa naman! :p

      Kookie, oh yeah I've seen that around! Will take a look at it also :)

    8. I think I must try this because I have oily combination skin. Thanks for sharing Kari :)
      ~Pauline @Clinique Philippines


    Always glad to get feedback. Thanks for your comments. :)