Thursday, May 05, 2011

Clinique presents The Doctor Is In!

Hi everyone! Just a quick post to let you know of this awesome event, especially to Northerners like myself (haha). Clinique Trinoma is holding "The Doctor Is In", where they're going to have guest dermatologists on hand at the Clinique counter for skin consultations. The helpful Clinique consultants are also there should you have any questions and concerns about Clinique products.

I can't be there, but my one advice is: Don't be afraid to go. The session I had at the Makati counter was really helpful and not awkward at all, plus I learned a lot! I'm pretty sure the same will happen here, and you even have the advantage of talking to an actual doctor. :) Have fun, and I'll wait for pictures!


  1. YAY for Northerners like us haha! this is really good! actual DOCTORS right, cool. great news fr Kira :))...aww, you can't go?:((

  2. I can't, may lakad na ko eh! :( Next time!

  3. aww. sayang naman. i thought I'm gonna see the ladies I met in Makati, again. hihi. 'Til next event, dear!

  4. Congrats on close to 50 followers! :)

    Also never bought anything from Clinique.

  5. Lori, sayang nga eh, mas malapit pa kaya to sakin. :)) Yes, 'til next event! :)

    Vintage, thank you! I've only bought one thing so far, the Turnaround Concentrate. Haha :)


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