Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nice Finds at Parfois

Parfois. When I first read about it I couldn't pronounce the word. I resorted to typing it out in my phone and showing it to the guard with a meek "Kuya, san po 'to?" ("Where is this?"), only to be gestured to a store around twenty feet away. I swallowed my pride, thanked him, and made my way to the entrance.

Photo from their Facebook page. Yeah, I forgot to take an outside pic :(

Parfois is pronounced par-fwa and means "sometimes" in French. Maybe it's a throwback to the fact the store houses trendy head-to-toe accessories that may or may not stand the test of time in terms of style, or sometimes, you just find that one item that makes your heart skip a beat. I know mine did, several times.
IMG_4114 copy
IMG_4171 copy
I was choosing between two sets of earrings (photo 2 & left set in photo 3). I adored the flower ones on both but wasn't sure of the others.

There were so many choices that it was kind of overwhelming. When I thought I found the pair(s) I wanted to get, I'd find a couple others on a different wall or shelf. Liz was Parfois' stylist for the day, however, and she helped me decide on what to get:
IMG_4148 copy
My final choice, Php379

Liz holding a Parfois bag

Project Vanity readers got a gift from Parfois with any purchase, and mine was a lovely bag! You can bet it'll be lounging with me this weekend--it's perfect for the job.
IMG_4152 copy
After that, I just hung out and found a few more nice things in the process. Photodump commence!
IMG_4120 copy  
IMG_4159 copy 
These shoes reminded me of fireworks for some reason

IMG_4149 copy 
IMG_4165 copy 
Kisslock purses! J'adore. All a little under Php500 if I remember correctly

IMG_4162 copy
This bag is a bit too big, but the turquoise color and embossing was too pretty to ignore.

I'm not diligent in accessorizing. Most days, I just get away with a pair of earrings and a watch if I remember to put one on. The one thing I do bother to tote around, however, is a good scarf or shawl. I get cold easily and my collection of long, thick shawls are my lifelines. I haven't been bringing them around since it's too hot, but I think I found them a shorter, equally luxurious sister while in-store:
IMG_4125 copy IMG_4122 copy
I sigh. Oh, and hello to NYX Chloe on my lips! First time I wore it out.

The scarf is 100% Indian silk and with feathers in two opposite corners. I loved how smooth and light it was! I didn't get it due to budget constraints at the time, though. :( I'm seriously thinking of coming back for it, or finding something similar.
IMG_4157 copy
Liz with stylish girls Joanna and Bianca of Parfois PH

IMG_4172 copy
 Charles showed up near the end!

Thank you to the Parfois team for a nice afternoon! And for tolerating me randomly taking pictures here and there, haha. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a branch further north *hint hint* :) Parfois stores may be found in Glorietta 4, SM Megamall, SM Southmall, and Abreeza Mall in Davao.


  1. The 1st pair of earrings is stunning! Great photos

  2. oohhlala I'm on a hunt for a turquoise bag to spice up my outfits which consists of basic colors. :) how much is the bag sis if you can still remember? let me know. :)

    twitter: @pastelbjacket

  3. That photo of you with the green scarf is awesome!

  4. you got a really nice bag there! go back for the scarf, it looks good on you :)

  5. Vintage, thank you! :) It was hard to let go of that one, haha.

    Iya, if I remember correctly it's a bit over 2k, around 2,100 or 2,200 max. It's a huge bag though, I think you can fit a laptop in it! Let me know if you get it, I'd love to see what you think :)

    Lady E, thank youuu! <3

    Voodoo girl, I'm really considering it. As of this moment I think it's worth the price tag but I'm inclined to look for other options :))

  6. i miss u kari! love our last pic :))

  7. I looooove Parfois! I wish I could afford the things there though. LOL

  8. love that green scarf on u sis! did u get it? too bad i missed this meetup :(

  9. Charles dinner with sina Lori bago ka umalis! :p

    Michelle, I am saving up for that scarf na talaga. :))

    Eenah, sayang talaga! Dami pang natirang gifts. :(

  10. pretty earrings!!! would drop by in mega soon :)

  11. Oooh, I like the accessories, especially the first one. This seems like a great store ah. :D


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